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Xeno Mini SAMD51 board now available!
See the product page.

* Choose between SAMD51 (M4F), SAMD21, SAML21, or SAMC21. Buck converter support for D51 and L21.
* Optional Li-ion battery charger, with 15mA to 1A charge current set by I2C digital pot (128 steps). Ideal diode. JST connector.
* Optional motor controller, with two 1/2 H-bridges (HH, HL, LH, LL, floating), 1A @ either VccH or VccL.
* Optional memory device: 16MB FLASH (DDR QSPI w/XIP support on D51), 128KB EEPROM, 128KB MRAM or 512KB MRAM.
* Optional I2C 3D accelerometer / 3D gryroscope / 3D magnetometer with interrupts.
* Optional I2C Humidity / pressure / temperature sensor.
* Optional 5V regulator with up to 18V input, up to 1A (derate accordingly)
* 3.3V 250mA regulator, Micro USB, 32.768KHz crystal, 24MHz crystal, blue LED, reset button, and Cortex debug header.




Custom variant now available here.


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