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New! SAMD21E (ARM M0+) development board
with optional USB Mass Storage Device (MSD) bootloader.



New! MT-DB-X3 

Atmel AVR XMEGA 64-pin A3U / A3BU / C3 / D3 USB development board


Now Available!

ZeptoProg II

ZeptoProg II small low-cost AVRISP mkII compatible programmer and
development tool with simple logic analyzer, USB to serial bridge,
SPI interface, GPIO, PWM, frequency output, and frequency measurement.
Accessible via command line or Java GUI (Windows and Linux).


In development:

Data acquisition and control board with simple BASIC interpreter for autonomous
operation and USB for PC controlled operation. Up to 8 ADC, 8 PWM, 4 buffered DAC,
8 relay drivers, USART, SPI, GPIO, character LCD, keypads/buttons, external
EEPROM for BASIC, timer events, and much more. Very cool!


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